HRA launches Get A Job Journey via TAMM platform

HRA launches Get A Job Journey via TAMM platform

1 May 2019
Job seekers in the UAE will now be able to search for work through a new and free online job portal that was launched on Tuesday, as the Abu Dhabi Government looks to digitise the recruitment process between employers and potential candidates.
HRA Get A Job

The initiative — Find a Job — is a collaborative effort between the Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA) and the Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority (HRA), with the digital recruitment portal set to operate under the TAMM platform. The platform will be open for both public, semi public and private sector employers searching for new recruits.

How it works

Explaining the process of using the portal, Kawthat Madhi, the project manager of Find a Job, said that employers and job seekers would need to only log into the system and post either the job opening or their CV.

“The online portal reduces the steps that job seekers have to go through when applying for a job, and so what we are trying to do is to digitally remove all the unnecessary steps and hassles.


“Today, all the job seeker has to do is log into the system using their smart pass to upload their CV. If they do not have a CV and need to create one, the system has a CV creator for them to use,” she added, also explaining that residents can easily obtain their smart pass by registering online with TAMM using their Emirates ID card.

“After this process they can start searching and applying for any posted job opening. If an employer accepts their application, the next steps will all be done digitally from the request of the good conduct certificate and the medical fitness certificate thanks to our integration with the Ministry of Interior and SEHA. Everything happens through the digital journey so neither the employer or job seeker have to go through a lot of hassles,” she said.



Madhi said the online portal would also help job seekers by automatically matching their profiles with job postings that best suit their qualifications and what they’re looking for.

“The system does an automatch once you create your CV and so even if you don’t apply for a certain job our system will search for whatever job vacancies that best matches with your profile.

“The system will then send these jobs to your dashboard and will also send you a notification as soon as you log in. The job seeker can also be notified by SMS or through email if they want to,” she added.


Madhi also said the online portal could also be used by non-residents living outside the UAE.

“We have to bear in mind that we might have candidates who are outside the UAE, and so if they want to log into the system we have an option for them to create an account without needing a smart pass.”

Along with being free to use, Madhi said another major benefit of the online portal would be ensuring no scams or fake job postings, as the system would only take job postings that have been certified.

Jobseekers can log on to the online portal:



Source: GulfNews


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