In an ongoing effort to improve digital services, TAMM launches second edition of Bug Bounty Hunter challenge

In an ongoing effort to improve digital services, TAMM launches second edition of Bug Bounty Hunter challenge

25 Mar 2022

TAMM smart app currently offers users access to more than 700 digital government services


The Abu Dhabi Government Services Ecosystem ‘TAMM’ has launched the second edition of its Bug Bounty Hunter challenge, providing TAMM app users with the opportunity to instantly report any bugs they may come across while using the app to complete government transactions. This challenge follows the success of the first edition launched last year.

The second edition of the challenge comes under the supervision of the Higher Committee of the Digital Government and is aligned with its efforts in activating a digital transformation governance framework in Abu Dhabi, providing new concepts of government services and moving towards a digital future. It also comes in line with TAMM’s efforts to engage Abu Dhabi community in the continuous development of the TAMM app by enabling individuals to offer their feedback and suggestions to further improve the app’s performance.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdelhameed Al Askar, Director General, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), said: “The Bug Bounty Hunter challenge is more than just a competition or challenge aimed at detecting bugs in the TAMM app, but more importantly, it demonstrates our forward-looking and proactive approach and a turning point in our efforts to enhance the government services provided to customers. It further reflects the vision of our wise leadership to meet the aspirations of Abu Dhabi citizens and residents.”

H.E. also added, “There has been a significant increase in the number of government entities opting to digitize services. It therefore becomes crucial to maintain consistent and open communication with our audience. It is with this aim that we have launched the second edition of the ‘Bug Bounty Hunter’ challenge to detect any possible bugs and fix them. We are confident that this will help promote our user experience and work towards an efficient upgrade of the TAMM smart application.”

The Bug Bounty Hunter challenge reflects a new approach to customer service, as it opens multidirectional communication channels with citizens, residents, and visitors, allowing them to express their thoughts and suggestions at different levels of operational work. The initiative is geared towards delivering the next generation of government services which provide easy, hassle-free digital channels and deliver fast and efficient services that meet the needs of every Abu Dhabi citizen and resident.

To facilitate the participation of the app users in the challenge, TAMM has developed the ‘Shake It’ feature, enabling users to immediately report any bug they come across while using the TAMM app. Once the phone is shaken, the ‘Shake It’ feature takes a screenshot of the bug automatically, enabling the user to submit it to the concerned team at TAMM without any hassle.

Participants to the challenge must ensure they enter their email correctly when they report a bug for the first time, as every time they report any bug, they will receive a confirmation message on their registered email. Users can also participate in this edition of the challenge through the free-to-use app that is available on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

H.E. Aisha Ibrahim Al Marzooqi, Executive Director of Government Services Sector at ADDA said, “The power of any digital system is measured by the number of people who have looked on it during a specific time. This has motivated us to organize the second edition of this challenge by inviting community members to participate and help us identify any potential bugs.” Al Marzooqi further pointed that TAMM currently offers users access to more than 700 digital services via the TAMM smart app. 

More than 500 thousand participants took part in the first edition of the challenge, during which over 756 unique bugs were detected and completely fixed. Five winners were selected after having successfully identified the largest number of digital bugs in the app. Set to be organized for one and a half months, the challenge’s current edition will also announce five new winners by end of the challenge in addition to 10 participants who will be selected through a random draw as an appreciation to their efforts regardless of the number of bugs that they reported.


Being the key digital platform to access most of government services in Abu Dhabi, TAMM is committed to constantly reviewing its digital services to ensure it achieves customer satisfaction and provide them with a high-quality experience. This is in line with the government’s efforts to achieve excellence and enhance the quality of life in the emirate, and thereby boost Abu Dhabi’s global position as a preferred destination to live and work.

TAMM continues to advance the digital transformation in Abu Dhabi through its collaboration with all stakeholders to achieve the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision of consolidating the emirate’s position as a pioneer and global model in digital transformation.



About TAMM

TAMM, a product of Ghadan21 and developed through cooperation with all government entities in Abu Dhabi, harnesses the latest technologies and digital solutions to provide seamless service experiences for customers. The ecosystem provides its customers with a comprehensive range of government services through unified points of access at any time and place. Using TAMM, customers can have direct access to information without having to visit each and every government entity. TAMM continues to advance the digital transformation in Abu Dhabi by providing all Abu Dhabi residents with high quality and efficient government services through safe, integrated digital platforms.