Abu Dhabi businesses can now access all ADDED commercial licences through TAMM

Abu Dhabi businesses can now access all ADDED commercial licences through TAMM

4 Apr 2020

The Department of Government Support, which is represented by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, ADDA, announced the full availability of the Department of Economic Development "Commercial Licences" through the Abu Dhabi Government Services ecosystem, "TAMM", allowing business owners to easily access services and complete transactions digitally.

The Department of Economic Development, ADDED, is the first government entity that transfers its services to TAMM platform as part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s efforts aimed at leveraging the digital solutions in serving the society and promoting the government work.

The initiative was undertaken under the direct supervision of the Abu Dhabi’s Higher Committee of Digital Government, delivering on its mission in activating the governance of digital transformation, and achieving a qualitative move in government services towards a digital future. It’s the latest digital transformation development announced during the ‘Digital Month’ initiative launched by the Abu Dhabi Government to encourage residents and citizens to make more use of convenient online options for everyday administrative tasks.

Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, the Chairman of the ADDED, said that completion of the project of providing all economic licenses’ services via TAMM would complement the efforts made by the ADDED and ADDA. And this is to push forward the digitalisation process in the Emirate and enable its inhabitants and companies operating there to benefit from the digital services.

He explained "Facilitating business activities for business owners through government digital channels will boost Abu Dhabi’s already robust economy, which in turn will work as a catalyst for further growth and development. The effectiveness and simplicity of our digital services will allow businesses to thrive and will make economic activities easier for investors, business owners and entrepreneurs. The key goal here is to pave the way for business owners to contribute to both their own growth and the economy’s. We are confident that this step will generate attractive returns while having a positive impact on the Emirate’s development as a whole."

The Chairman of the ADDED has commended the efforts made by the Abu Dhabi Government for launching a new phase of the digital government services that revolve around customers’ requirements. As a result, this would improve the various economic and investment activities for businessmen by enabling them to complete their government applications through its digital channels, which substantially contribute to empowering the local economy of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, achieving its sustainability and enhancing its competitiveness at the regional and international level.

Ali Rashid Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Department of Government Support in Abu Dhabi, commended the accomplishment made by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and Abu Dhabi digital Authority, which reflects the cooperation and concerted efforts among government agencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to achieve its vision and digitization strategy.

"Today’s announcement embodies the vision and ambition of the Abu Dhabi leadership in using digital transformation to deliver enhanced development and economic growth more efficiently, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s position as a smart city. With this, we are enabling the business environment through providing digital services to business owners in alignment with the Abu Dhabi Vision towards digital transformation. Through this collaboration, we continue to further empower Abu Dhabi Government entities to securely benefit from the TAMM ecosystem of services. We are building international-standard next-level experiences for businesses to thrive in more convenient ways."Al Ketbi added.

The total number of digital services for economic licenses provided through TAMM has reached 83 services, out of which 25 are services of licenses and advertisements, 31 are digital services for transactions of licensing industrial activities and 27 are digital services for licensing transactions of commercial services.

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