Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre launches new Customer Relationship Management platform

Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre launches new Customer Relationship Management platform

8 Aug 2020
Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre

The Department of Government Support, which is represented by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, ADDA, has announced the launch of the new Customer Relationship Management platform for the Abu Dhabi Government.

The platform aims to improve customer experience as new services and solutions will now be provided to end users, enabling them to complete their transactions with government entities easily and conveniently through the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, TAMM.

The platform’s introduction aligns with the Abu Dhabi Government’s efforts to keep pace with digital future requirements. In addition to enhancing resident’s quality of life across the Emirate, it also aims to simplify the process of communication with government entities and boost the ability to manage customer requests to access the government services they require quickly and conveniently.

The Customer Relationship Management platform of the Abu Dhabi Government will contribute to promoting a shift in the concept of customer relationship management, providing higher levels of flexibility and convenience in handling of requests which will, in turn, improve customer experience, satisfaction, and happiness.

Commenting on the announcement, Ali Rashid Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Department of Government Support – Abu Dhabi, said, "Launching the Customer Relationship Management platform and Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre’s new logo to enhance customer experience, manage and receive customer requests, and accelerate improvements for all end users represents the latest stage of Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation journey.

"Through the Abu Dhabi Contact Centre’s omnichannels and future modern mechanisms, the 51 government entities will cover all aspects of life with amplified capabilities in responding to Abu Dhabi community needs. Segments including health, education, social support, infrastructure, and tourism all stand to benefit, with real-time data analysis empowering stakeholders to observe and monitor the community pulse on activities and events affecting their daily lives."

The new platform provides many benefits to government entities and customers in Abu Dhabi, serving as a digital interface to further enhance work and quality of life. The platform works to automate repeated tasks by enriching customer profiles, which allows better communication and knowledge of customers, thus helping to meet their requirements.

It enables government entities to closely monitor all team members in terms of volume, customer’s response and services specialization, providing real time business intelligence and reporting with deep insights into service performance. Moreover, the new platform will unify customer relationships processes, provide key performance indicators for each service according to the needs of each government entity and offer traceability and multiple means of interaction for customers to obtain the Abu Dhabi Government entities’ services.

The new platform will enable customers to register service requests, enhancing their ability to self-service through the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, Tamm.abudhabi. At the same time, it will also provide a dedicated page to support TAMM customers which includes all the available channels, allowing them to complete their individual profiles and interact with the platform by reviewing and tracking the status of requests and stages of completing government transactions.

It has been also been announced that the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre’ new logo has been launched, which carries the option to scan or enter the contact.abudhabi page, which enhances customer experience and contributes to encouraging them to use the call center’s unified digital channels.

Creating convenient digital solutions that enrich the quality of life in Abu Dhabi forms part of Abu Dhabi government’s vision and aspirations to achieve government service excellence across the Emirate. Based on real-time insights concerning customers and Abu Dhabi government services alike, the initiative has been adopted to elevate experiences to the next level through different, enhanced ways. Seamless communication between the TAMM platform and the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre will not only complement the omnichannel experience provided to customers, but it will also boost convenient access to government services via prudent customer relationship management and the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre’s new logo.


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