Abu Dhabi Digital Authority launches 'TAMM Care for key investors' service

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority launches 'TAMM Care for key investors' service

22 Oct 2019
Initiative aims to provide proactive government services that meet investors' expectations and seeks to reinforce Abu Dhabi`s position as a leading investment destination
TAMM key investors service

The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), the lead Abu Dhabi government entity spearheading the emirate’s digital transformation agenda, has announced the launch of its new service, the ‘TAMM Care for key investors,’ which is part of the integrated services platform, ‘TAMM.’

The new service has been specially created to reach out to the key investors and entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi so as to address their needs. The move is expected to help bolster the continuing efforts to reinforce the emirate's position as a highly preferred investment destination in the UAE and the rest of the GCC region.


Based on the initiative, ‘TAMM’ team members will now be able to provide support, essential information about key services and guidance to investors who are planning to set up their businesses in the UAE capital.

H.E. Saeed Al Mulla, Executive Director of government services sector, ADDA, said, “‘TAMM’ continues to live up to its commitment of providing exceptional digital services to the public. The unique services under ‘TAMM Care for key investors’ will allow us to deliver technology-driven services and provide unique experience to individuals and organizations across different industries. Most importantly, the service will help spur the growth of enterprises and SMEs while also encouraging entrepreneurs and investors to do business in the emirate.”

H.E. added that ADDA is keen to provide advanced and innovative digital solutions and services, within TAMM’s platform including the web portal, and its state-of-the-art call centers, to local communities in a bid to exceed expectations and bring happiness to the people.

Saif Al Mazrouei, Director of ‘TAMM’ Centers in Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra region, said, “TAMM cares for key investors’ will complement all other services of ‘TAMM care’ for senior citizens and people of Determination. ‘TAMM’ services are completely free of charge. Apart from consultations, the latest initiative will also help investors and entrepreneurs to overcome any potential difficulties by coming up with key solutions and collaborating with concerned authorities. This initiative is in line with ADDA’s strategy to empower, support, and offer local society with a proactive, safe, and integrated digital system.”

Investors who want to enjoy the new service offering can contact the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at 800555 or make a request on the ‘TAMM’ platform.  They can also visit the ‘Investors’ Area’ located at ‘TAMM’ Centres or through the ‘TAMM’ website. Experts are going to provide a range of services to the investor and will also coordinate with concerned authorities, if required, as part of the assistance. For investors outside the country, they may call 0097126664442.

‘TAMM cares for key investors’ is an addition to the three ‘TAMM’ journeys recently unveiled in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) to facilitate business activities in the emirate. The journeys include ‘Discover Abu Dhabi as an investment destination;’ ‘Start your business;’ and ‘Manage your business.’

The first-of-its-kind ‘Discover Abu Dhabi as an investment destination’ journey helps investors, entrepreneurs, and company owners to discover investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi. The clients can browse the unified directory of registered companies to learn more about accelerators and business incubators in the emirate.

The ‘Start your business’ journey uses a smart tool to guide businesses in terms of the required documents, licensing costs, and other relevant information.

The third journey, ‘Manage your business,’ identifies different types of applications, track application status, and provide all the required information for businessmen in relation to their investments such as trade licenses, permits, and other relevant data. It also issues renewal alerts for trade licenses and permits prior to their expiration dates and enables businessmen and investors to access different services, including payment of bills and fines as well as renewals and modification of commercial licenses.

Launched in 2018, ‘TAMM’ was created as part of the Abu Dhabi Government Accelerators Programme, ‘Ghadan 21.’ It provides a single platform that offers an array of government services through a journey-focused approach. ‘TAMM’ is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the region that aims to transform the services of the Abu Dhabi Government by leveraging the latest innovative technologies that offer seamless customer experience.

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