100 per cent of TAMM’s service centre employees vaccinated against COVID-19

100 per cent of TAMM’s service centre employees vaccinated against COVID-19

3 May 2021
Moving in line with UAE’s vaccination campaign and in compliance with the government directives to accelerate the country’s full recovery from pandemic

The Abu Dhabi Government Services Ecosystem ‘TAMM’ has announced that 100 per cent of its service centre employees in Abu Dhabi have now been vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19). TAMM’s vaccination efforts formed part of its bid to protect its employees and customers from COVID-19, as well as help promote public health and safety in the UAE. All of this was done in line with the country’s precautionary measures and protocols that aim to prevent the spread of the virus and accelerate the nation’s full recovery from the pandemic.


H.E. Aisha Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of the Government Services Sector at Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), said: “The vaccination of all employees of our service centres in Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain city, and Al Dhafra region reflects our commitment to observe the highest safety standards and follow all precautionary and preventive measures in the country to help curb the spread of COVID-19. It also demonstrates our initiatives ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, and all members of society.”


Al Marzouqi noted that TAMM’s vaccination program sought to support the ongoing national efforts to expedite the country’s complete recovery from the pandemic in a bid to bring life back to normalcy. She also highlighted the key role of TAMM’s service centres as the government’s interface and one-stop-shop that provide the highest quality of government services in Abu Dhabi.


“We at ADDA are confident that the UAE’s vaccination campaign will achieve remarkable positive results, as we emphasize its pivotal role in stopping the spread of the virus and encouraging people to choose to be vaccinated for the health and safety of our society. Rest assured that we will also continue to provide our customers with all means of protection and safety whilst still delivering services that meet their needs and expectations. At the same time, we aim to maintain the business continuity in Abu Dhabi,” she added.


Vaccines were administered across TAMM’s Abu Dhabi service centres following the local authorities’ health and safety specifications. Furthermore, in line with the government’s directives, TAMM Customers are also mandated to present their negative COVID-19 PCR test results done three days before their visit. All employees and clients will also be subjected to daily body temperature checking. Moreover, customers are required to download the Al Hosn app on their mobile phones to verify test results.


TAMM’s service centres strictly observe the mandated social distancing rule in their offices and customer waiting areas. Their other pandemic-related measures are regular sanitisation processes, as well as the provision of personal care tools, distribution of guidelines on proper, wearing of face masks, and constant washing of hands all day long.


Abdul-Aziz Al Kaabi, Director of TAMM Service Centres at ADDA, said: “Undoubtedly, the pandemic has put almost all governments and countries around the world in an extraordinary situation. Each of them has responded to the COVID-19 challenge in various ways based on their readiness to tackle the pandemic. In Abu Dhabi, the government’s response was quick and efficient in addressing the challenge due to the emirate’s robust and well-established digital infrastructure. The government has been curbing the spread of the virus by launching programmes and initiatives that enable customers to access and complete their transactions using digital channels, maintaining the health and safety of both employees and customers.”


TAMM’s service centres are known for their distinctive customer experience, starting from reception to fast, efficient, and smooth handling of government transactions. These are composed of five core zones. The ‘Greeting Area’ is the initial engagement between the employees and customers where they are received in a unique and welcoming way, distinguishable from the usual form and traditional reception offices. The ‘Guidance Area’ is where customers can receive support and guidance to guarantee fast delivery of service, whilst the ‘Self-Service Area’ is dedicated to empowering customers to get their services done quickly and efficiently.


The ‘Investors Area’ is a one-stop-shop for businessmen and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Abu Dhabi. Last but not the least is the ‘Co-Create Area,’ an interactive platform that enables customers to share their feedback on the provided services, with the aim of continuously enhancing the communication and improvement of processes and systems.



About TAMM

TAMM, a product of Ghadan 21 and developed through cooperation with all government entities in Abu Dhabi, harnesses the latest technologies and digital solutions to provide seamless service experiences for customers. Operated by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), the ecosystem provides its customers with a comprehensive range of government services through one single point of access, anytime and anywhere. Using TAMM, customers can have direct access to information without having to visit every government entity. TAMM continues to advance the digital transformation of Abu Dhabi by providing all Abu Dhabi residents with high-quality and efficient government services through safe and integrated digital platforms.

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