Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence Lab

ADDA aims to lay a strong foundation for AI Practice in AD Government that ADGEs and ADDA can leverage to build production level technology stack as Analytics Platform.

At ADDA we have invested in an Advanced Analytics Lab in Abu Dhabi that provides High Performance Computing Abilities and a Technology Platform for Deep Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to give us a competitive advantage. At this AI Lab, users can access the AI platform to:

  • Master machine learning techniques
  • Develop simulation and predictive models with their data sets
  • Engage with AI experts
  • Experiment with data sets for data visualization 

The future of tech is Surreal!! … Machines Guided by Humans. Human’s Aided by Machines ... All in an Orchestrated Brilliance of Intelligence!

And the Organizations harnessing data, analytics and AI are the ones who will be writing it. 

We look forward to writing the future together.

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