Department of Community Development introduces ‘Get Social Support’ journey, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Department of Community Development introduces ‘Get Social Support’ journey, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

16 Jun 2019
Abu Dhabi
In line with the Abu Dhabi Government directions towards providing the next-generation of government services, the Department of Community Development (DCD) has launched the ‘Social Services’ journey in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) via the Abu Dhabi Government Services ‘TAMM’. The newly launched journey is designed to better serve its society and help citizens and residents benefit from a total of 47 services.
Social Services TAMM

The ‘Social Services’ journey is part of the 'TAMM' initiative and also under the 'Ghadan 21' program. This journey has been created to help in community development while also consolidating unity and cooperationof the community members to take part in future opportunities. The initiative looks towards providing a single access point to apply for 47 social support services, provided separately by 12 government entities. The new journey offers an integrated customer experience in one place via a unified eligibility engine available at TAMM’s digital channels and customer centres as well as The Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre. Now, the customer can check his eligibility and apply for the social benefits in accordance with hisdesired category. The ‘Social Services’ journeyconnects citizens to the suitable social and community development entity, depending on their requirements. The journey offers services in six different aspects of life, namely community, health, education, housing,business and family services.

Marking the launch of this journey, H.E Dr Mugheer Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development said: “In line with the enduring directions of our wise leadership, the Abu Dhabi Government saves no effort towards providing assured and dignified life. TheGovernment continues its efforts towards achieving sustainable community development that complies with Abu Dhabi’s prominent achievements in different sectors. 

H.E Dr. Al Khaili added “Serving the community and fulfilling the society’s expectations are the key fundamentals of our efforts in Department of Community Development and other associated entities. Hence, we keep inaugurating the initiatives and strategies aimed to achieve the prosperity of the citizens and residents via establishing family and social stability that promotes the individual’s contribution in the development march of the UAE.”

“The Abu Dhabi emirate has an efficient government framework that complies with the dynamic changes in different arenas. Now, The Abu Dhabi Government has a leading capacity to foresee the future and address tomorrow’s needs to enrich people’s lives via different programs, initiatives and projects that further enhance services sector via applying the best international practices and standards in education, health, housing and other aspects of life.”

H.E commends the launch of the “Social Services” journeyto be a governmental gateway that takes the welfare of Abu Dhabi Community to a new level of creativity in providing services. Such journeys reflect the UAE’s progress and capacity to leverage technology to serve the society in more creative, proactive and seamless manner. 

H.E Dr. Al Khaili commented that “The Social Services Journey” is one of the Abu Dhabi government initiatives, designed for providing prosperity to the individuals with their different ages including senior citizens, people of determination and other components of the society. 

H.E Dr. Mugheer commends the extensive efforts of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority to overcome all the challenges on the way to provide a seamless and proactive customer experience via unified digital platform. H.E affirms the fruitful collaboration among Abu Dhabi government entities that led to the launch of this journey as a significant bid to achieve the happiness of the community. 

Commenting on the launch of this new initiative, H.E. Dr. Rauda Al Saadi, Director General of ADDA, said: “With the launch of this important “Social Services” journey, TAMM has achieved a new milestone, in line with ADDA’s efforts to reinforce joint initiatives and government collaborations that support the digital transformation agenda. Fulfilling the social needs of the people of Abu Dhabithrough a seamless single digital platform is in line with the Emirate’s vision of achieving a model government that provides next-generation services for all vital sectors and segments of our society. We are proud to incubate an integrated journey that provides an array of social benefits via TAMM’s digital channels and customer centres. We also affirm the readiness of the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre to receive all inquiries in support to this newly launched journey.”

H.E Al Saadi added, “The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority commends the cooperation efforts to launch this journey, exemplified through this initiative by key government entities, particularly the Department of Community Development, with common goal of the betterment of Abu Dhabi’s community”

The Social Services Journeyfacilitates applications for house constructions, home purchase loans and online requests for land grants as well as maintenance and rebuilding service. The journey also will facilitate applications for welfare-related benefi¬ts and the registration of citizens and people of determination. Health services include requestsfor Health Insurance Policies, cards for people of determination and senior Emirati nationals, including but not limited, “Ounk” and “Absher” cards. Family services includes facilitating marriage funds, family counselling and social consultations.The financial category addresses the needs of citizens seeking financial support to start up a business or entrepreneurial project. Education services facilitate requests for scholarships, countrystatus updates, change of university course or major, and change in university.

Sponsoring Abu Dhabi Government entities include the Department of Community Development, Department of Education and Knowledge, Department of Health, Family Development Foundation, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – SEHA, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, Dar Zayed for Islamic Culture, and Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development.

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