Director General's Message

H.E. Dr Rauda Al-Saadi

H.E. Dr Rauda Al-Saadi

Director General of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA)

Abu Dhabi’s leadership vision is the beacon that guides us and help us navigate through the rough seas of continuous transformation taking place around us. For our nation to continue its focused journey towards global competitiveness and value-driven modernisation, we need to be fully aware of our purpose, which is a government focused on delivering unparalleled value to its citizens through service excellence and innovation.

We are all experiencing the unprecedented digital revolution that is touching every aspect of our lives. As individuals, businesses and government entities, we are in a constant state of transformation. We are fully aware of the global trends that are disrupting our lives, in many positive ways, and continuously changing the way we interact, communicate, learn, receive services, and live.

The Abu Dhabi Government has announced a long-term plan for the transformation of its economy and quality of life. The plan drives towards less reliance on oil income and focuses on future-driven knowledge-based industries. Abu Dhabi is known as one of the safest, cleanest and most tolerant destinations in the world. We take pride in that and believe that our leadership’s vision drives our mission to continuously challenge ourselves to improve our citizens’ quality of life, modernise and digitise our services, and facilitate sustainability and diversification in our economic pillars.

Although digital transformation and technology advancements are not the only ingredients in the formula for success, they are major factors that will ensure our success. The “nation of the future” is one that is agile, innovative, and continuously aspiring to improve and modernise itself. Abu Dhabi has been at the forefront of many economic, cultural and environmental transformations paving the way for the emirate to take global and regional leadership roles in many fronts. We aspire to be at the forefront of what digital government means through innovative models that set a new bar for government-citizen relationships.

For us to maintain our leadership position, we must be innovative in what we do, maintain our desire for improvement, our appetite for transformation and our relentless drive to modernise.